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Family-Sponsored Visa Consultants Australia

Education Embassy is the leading visa consultant in Brisbane when you are looking for a family-sponsored visa Australia. We are the best Family-Sponsored Visa consultants in Brisbane, Australia.

Australia has been the most desirable place for migrant workers because along with the greatest job opportunities, they enjoy living in a peaceful environment with great scenery. Even Australia has been taking steps to offer opportunities to eligible migrants for study, work, or for offering care to a relative. With a list of categories, aspiring applicants can apply.

The family visa in Australia is an effort by the Australian immigration department to keep you united with your partner, children, the parent, or any other family member who migrated to this country and subjective to requirements. There is a range of visas for eligible Australian relatives and so you can choose from Parent visas, remaining relative visas, child visas, partner visas, aged dependent visas. These visas are sponsored by Australian citizens or by the permanent residents of the country and New Zealand citizens.

Family Sponsored Visa Australia

Family Visa Categories 

Partner Visa – If you are an Australian citizen or holding an Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, then your partner is allowed to stay with you in Australia temporarily or permanently. You are allowed under

Parent Visa– If you are an eligible New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident, then your parents are allowed to stay with you on temporary or permanent basis. Your parents are allowed under

Child Visa – If you hold Australian citizenship or permanent resident Australia or eligible New Zealand Citizen, then you are allowed to bring your child or children ages less than 18 years to live indefinitely. Under this visa category you are allowed to keep orphan relative or adopted child with you. Your child is allowed under

Other Family Visa – If you are Australian citizens or permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizen then allowed to bring your sibling, grandparent, grandchild, orphan relative, aunt or uncle, nephew or niece or anyone who needs your care, with you.

  • Sibling (Brother or sister)
  • Grandchild
  • Grandparent
  • Niece or Nephew
  • Aunt or uncle
  • Step relative (of the same degree)

Aged Dependent Relative Category

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen then allowed to bring any aged dependent relative who is divorced, single or widowed, dependent on your financially.


Remaining Relative Category

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen then allowed to bring your relatives like a sister, brother, or child in Australia, who are totally dependent on you. You can also bring your step-relatives of the same degree.


Carer Category

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen then allowed to bring people who require your constant care and they can be people suffering from a serious medical condition or one who cannot fulfill the daily physical needs or one who is not baled to live without assistance.

How Education Embassy Being Best Migration Agent Can Helps You In Applying For Family Visa?

There is no doubt, Australia is a favorite among tourists, but, this is the first choice for the people who wanted to settle down with their family at the place where they can see a better future for their children with better career opportunities and a peaceful atmosphere for parents and a lovely scenic and lifestyle options to live with a partner.

When you made a decision final living in Australia, then we bring the best migration agent who can offer you accurate advice and our experts will explain to you the simple and easy-to-follow migration process. Our team of professionals offers 24×7 support during the visa application process.

We are licensed migration agents and so will make you aware of every single detail of the Australian family visa services. We get checked for your eligibility, complete all requirements, and submit the visa application form on your behalf. The entire process is completely transparent for you and our experienced team gets this done smoothly and effortlessly.

We offer altered solutions according to the client’s needs and requirements. You can contact us today in case looking for any additional information.


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