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If “Study, Live or Work” in Australia is your dream, then Education Embassy will help you launch your dreams.

Education Embassy is young and friendly company and most importantly we are one of you! We came to Australia with dreams not too far long ago and today we are living our dreams. We have walked the journey, and this helps us relate to and understand your situation. We speak your language and you can talk to us in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali or Korean.

Our ethos is to provide the highest standard of ethical, customer-focused advice, care, and assistance. Our aim is to offer you with a service that is safe, efficient, cost-effective and customised to your needs. Our team is focused on getting you to your goal, be it as a Student, an Investor, an Employee, a Visitor, a Skilled Pro or a Business.

Design Migration Solutions

That are tailor-made, focussed, workable so you can “Live your Dream”.

Personable & Reliable

We take immigration seriously, kick-start your journey in first-class and “Live Your Dream”.

Eligibility Cross-Check

We try and match from the wide range of choices, so you can “Live your Dream”.

Pragya Gautam
+61 7 3162 9257
Sourabh Aggarwal
Principal Consultant
Phone: + 61 7 3162 9257
Vishal Sharma
Manager - Education Specialist
Phone: +61 7 3162 9257
Migration Consultant
Phone: + 61 7 3162 9257


FREE Migration Seminar: Permanent Residency Opportunities

FREE Migration Seminar: Permanent Residency Opportunities

This February 13th, at 2:30 pm, Education Embassy with our Principal Consultant, Sourabh Aggarwal (MARN 1462159), will be presenting a FREE seminar on EIP College. Assist and get all the…

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Assist our FREE Partner Visa Seminar

Assist our FREE Partner Visa Seminar

You are thinking about getting married, you have moths living with your residency partner or it's a future possibility in your life, so you have an appointment this February 21st,…

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