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What are the topmost tips to choose the best migration agent for yourself?

You must hire a migration agent in Brisbane for lodging the permanent visa. You must be wondering why? This is because applying on your own might put you in trouble so it is better to take expert advice. But it is a really difficult task to select an agent for yourself because there are numerous people calling themselves a migration agent. Continue reading this article for knowing the tips to choose the best migration agent for yourself.

Consider the experience of the agent
You should consider the experience of the agent while selecting for oneself. You should ask him several questions mentioned below:
How many applications have you submitted?
How many applications have been rejected?
How many applications are approved?
By asking the above-mentioned questions will help you in finding the right one for you.

Check the MARA registration certificate

While hiring an agent you should check whether he is registered with MARA i.e Migration Agents Registration Authority or not. If the agent is not registered with it then you should hire another agent.

Ask about the success rate
The honest migration agent will tell you the chances of success of your applications in advance only. He will not make fake promises regarding the approval of your visa.

Reviews, ratings of the agent
You should check the ratings, reviews of the migration agent. Do not trust the first 50 good reviews of the agent. At least a person should consider 100 reviews or more than that and then decide whether the agent is good for you or not.

Above mentioned are the topmost tips to select the best migration agent for oneself. Always remember you should not trust the first agent you are meeting. You should meet 3 to 4 agents and then select one among all.

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