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Are you wondering to know everything about Subclass 601 Electronic Travel Authority Visa?

Subclass 601 Electronic Travel Authority Visa: Millions of people are planning to visit Australia whether they want to explore places or for business purposes. In order to get detailed information about this visa type, you must talk to our visa consultant in Brisbane or you must read this article carefully because we are going to give you detailed information about ETA visa class.

What is the ETA visa?

This is also known as Electronic Travel Authority Visa subclass 601, that is designed for those who want to travel to Australia to explore new places or for business.

The Tourist Electronic Travel-: This tourist visa is designed for those who want to spend their holidays in Australia with their family or other relatives as well. In addition to this, this visa class is valid for 1 year, also allows you to visit Australia again for at least 3 months.

The Business Electronic Travel visa-: This business class visa is designed for those who wish to visit Australia for business purpose. This visa involves, seminars, conferences, revising a business contract, and for employment inquires as well. The duration of this visa is completely similar to tourist electronic visa.

Who are eligible for an ETA subclass 601?

Well, according to the department of home affairs, persons who do not have Australia visa are eligible to get this visa. You must talk to a migration agent so that you can get detailed information about this visa type. Or you just contact us once for requirement criteria as well, so that you can get a visa easily.

Eligible passports

If you are thinking to apply under this visa class, you need to check whether your country name is present in the list or not that is announced by the department of home affairs. The list of countries that are eligible for Electronic travel visa include-:

  • Belgium

  • Andorra

  • Singapore

  • Greece

  • Brunei

  • Austria

  • Denmark

  • Hong Kong (SAR)

  • France

  • Germany

  • Finland

  • Canada

  • Iceland

  • Monaco

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Luxembourg

  • Portugal

  • Malaysia

  • Liechtenstein

  • Malta

  • Republic of San Marino

  • Sweden

  • United States

  • Norway

  • South Korea

  • United Kingdom-: British National (Overseas)

  • Switzerland

  • Taiwan

  • The Netherlands

  • United Kingdom-: British Citizen

  • Spain

  • Vatican City

What is the processing time for this visa subclass 601?

Standard processing time-: The standard processing time if this visa class is 1 Business day. So, you do not take tension if you are planning to visit Australia for business purpose or wish to meet your family or relative, who lives in Australia.

Rush processing time-: In case, you need a fast process, this is an option for you, which is useful to get a vis within 2 hours.

Super Rush processing time-: If you want a too fast process, then go with this option and get your visa in 30 minutes.

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