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Applying Methods for State Nomination

People having a VISA of Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated VISA) and Subclass 489 (Temporary Skilled Regional or Provisional VISA) can now be part of state nomination.
People from Subclass 489 those who had The Skilled Regional or Provisional VISA are now being transferred to a new version that is Skilled Work Regional or Provisional VISA from Subclass 491. This only applies to people from 16th November.

To apply for State Nomination, one needs to:

  • Apply for the EOI that is Expression of Interest.
  • Must submit every document that is needed which will mark as supporting evidence. Colored Copies are a requirement.
  • A score of 65 is the minimum requirement in the test of the Department of Home Affairs.
  • 15 points are already given as:
  • 5 for Subclass 190 of Skilled Nominated VISA.
  • Free 10 points for Skilled Regional.
Subclass 190: State Nominated Visa Consultant Brisbane, Australia

You must have a practical copy of why should you be the part of state nomination.
Your VISA must have an available nominating work on WASMOL (Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation list). You may use GOL (Graduate occupation list) if you are a part of the graduate stream of a subclass.
Under Graduate Stream the field in which you are going to work must be interrelated to the qualification you have. For example, A person in the information technology can go for Programming, Designing, Digital Marketing, etc.
If you are in with the graduating stream then the detail of your field and the college address and their phone number should be within marked in your EOI.
You need to prove your minimum English fluency, writing, and Understanding again by giving a test which is approved by some international authority. However, if you own a passport from countries like UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, or Ireland, you will not require that as it proves your minimum English requirements all around. This allows you to be part of Australia’s State Nomination.
There are some eligibility criteria to follow up to be a part of State Nomination:

  • Your age should not exceed 45 Years.
  • Need to have some legit and specific work experience. You also need to give that work experience details in EOI.

After the selection:

  • The deadline for applying is 28 Days. The form includes MCQ based questions about Australia and to make it simple relevant website links are also provided.
  • The fees are 200 $ and it is nonrefundable.
  • If you are successful at the application form, you need to register your name to Settlement Services Team.
  • Enough Finance is required to cover the cost if you are not presently living in Australia.
  • A settlement survey needs to be filled every 6 months for the two-year span you are living in Australia.

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