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SA DAMA: Re-Shaping the future of South Australia

SA DAMA: Re-Shaping the future of South Australia

Regional Australia has been experiencing both labour and skills shortage, with the DAMA in place employers in designated areas experiencing labour shortages can sponsor overseas workers. DAMA falls within the type of labour agreement stream of Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 visa.
Earlier, I have written an article on NT (Northern Territory) DAMA 2 (article earlier published can be accessed on educationembassy.com.au) which offers 117 skilled and semi-skilled occupations, offering permanent pathways via ENS subclass 186.

NT DAMA Occupation List can be accessed

With a great response from the Indian subcontinent, I did a live video on SA (South Australia) DAMA on 21 st May 2019 which covers all the aspect of the program and it was done in the Punjabi language. To watch a video on SA DAMA, you can visit us at Facebook.com/eduembassy

Hon Steven Marshall MP Premier of South Australia signed two agreements with Federal Government to receive an economic boost in South Australian on 20th March 2019. Both the agreements will be valid for five (5) years. There are 174 skilled and semi-skilled occupations combined in both agreements

Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement (AITA)

There are 60  occupations on the Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement which covers occupations in the area of defence, space, and advanced manufacturing and technology industries with the ability to access and retain a highly-skilled workforce. The Adelaide City Technology and
Innovation Advancement Agreement covers the Adelaide Metropolitan region only.

There is an age concession of up to 55 years for certain occupations under AITA. For example, ICT Project Manager (ANZSCO 135112) who is 54 years old can access AITA under SA DAMA. There are many genuine applicants around Australia who are above the age of 45 but can’t achieve PR as they are restricted by the current rule of ENS subclass 186 which has an age limitation of 45. There is a great opportunity for them to be sponsored by SA employer to utilise their skills and experience and lead them to the pathway of PR (permanent residency) in South Australia. All the occupation currently listed in
AITA can apply for Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa, subject to the occupation and concession being on the DAMA occupation list at the time of application.

South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement (SARWA)
There are 114 occupations on the South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement which provide employers to sponsor worker in agribusiness, health and aged care, hospitality and tourism, mining and construction sectors.  The South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement covers the entire state of South Australia.

  • There are four types of concession in SARWA which are
    TSMIT (Up to 10% reduction of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold) which means an employer can pay wages less than $50,000 annually on certain occupations such as Disabled Carer, Café and Restaurant Manager, Chef, Cook, variety of Farmers and Truck Drivers.
  • English language concessions at IELTS (or equivalent in another accepted English language test) is available for occupations such as Cook, Diesel Motor Mechanic, Hotel Manager, Pastry Cook and Waiter. With English concession, the applicant just needs to have an overall score of 4.5 with no less than  4.0 in any of the four test components.
  • Skills assessment concession –  this concession doesn’t require the applicant to have skills assessment or necessary experience as per TSS requirements. Tree Faller, Truck Driver, Miner, Hotel or Motel Receptionist etc are occupations which don’t require relevant experience and a skills assessment.
  • Age concession to enable pathways to permanent residency: Not all the occupations in SARWA are eligible to apply to permanent residency.


The list can be downloaded to see which occupations are
eligible to apply for PR via SARWA.

SA (South Australia) Businesses can access the DAMA if they are actively operating in SA for at least 12 months and have no history of not meeting its obligations to employees. Immigration SA’s Designated Area Representative (DAR) will be responsible for overseeing the DAMA, endorsing employers, monitoring and evaluation as per the Agreement with the Commonwealth. Employers must apply to Immigration SA to access the SA DAMA.

The application process will open from 1 July 2019. Employers can consider commencing labour market testing for occupations which are listed in both agreements. Employers seeking to nominate overseas workers under a DAMA are required to provide evidence that they cannot find a suitable Australian Worker. Before an overseas worker can be nominated, employers need to test the local labour market by advertising the vacant position in Australia. Evidence of Labour Market Testing is required when applying for a DAR endorsement and at the nomination stage.

There are important definitions determined by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) that you need to fulfil in order to satisfy the requirement of DAMA. It’s a complex process which involves a lot of work and depth knowledge of Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa subclass 482 visa and specific Labour Agreements. Our professional team of Migration agents will help assess your eligibility keeping in mind Migration Regulations and Migration Act of 1958. We are happy to cover all the enquires received through newspapers.

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