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Queensland Skilled Occupations (QSOL) List 2019 – 2020

QSOL List: Queensland has a booming economy and it is not a surprise that it presents an opportunity for skilled professionals belonging to various kinds of jobs. There are a lot of the skilled immigration programs which make a major contribution to the local requirement of labor by announcing the most demanded occupations. QSOL list is one such list. If you follow one of the mentioned professions and are keen to go to Australia, then you can try out your chance. You will also have to make sure whether any specialization or work experience requirement is there. Some occupations specify additional requirements which most likely include registration, a job offer and relevant experience in the specific field. Check if your job profile has specified any requirements. It is requested that you don’t submit an EOI (Expression of interest) until you don’t meet all the additional requirements. It is recommended that you obtain a valid skills assessment and registration before you lodge your EOI.

Queensland Skilled Occupations (QSOL) List 2019 - Education Embassy


Kinds of QSOL lists-

There are various kinds of QSOL lists.
You will be getting the information through various types of QSOLS.

  • Parent

It refers to job openings which can be filled only by overseas skilled workers who are willing to live and work in Australia.

  • QSOL Masters Graduate List

It specifies the international postgraduate alumni from Queensland based academic institutions.

  • QSOL ‘Working in Queensland List

If your occupation features on the Skilled occupation list, then it is one of the eligibility conditions for people who wish to migrate to Queensland. You will have better chances of getting an opportunity to migrate to Australia if your occupation is included in the list. However, the applicants will have to prove your capability. The applicants will have their skills assessed by Skills Assessment from the Australian authorities.
Each activity listed on the list has an ANSZO code attached with it. ANSZO stands for
Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, it is used for the classification of occupations based on the skill level and qualifications needed to practice them. The applicant must identify the ANSZO code associated with his skill. It will help him in determining which assessment authority will assess their skills in the skills assessment.
QSOL contains a lot of occupations like Aquaculture Farming, Cotton growing, flower growing, Apiarist, Pig farming, etc.
The applicants must possess a minimum of three years’ experience in the requisite skill which must be included 6 months in Queensland. If you want to work in regional areas, the required experience is 2 years (inclusive of 4 months in Queensland). You will also need a job offer in the nominated capacity in full time. ICT skills with data science cyber security, ICT development and architecture, data and business analysis, are some of the skills which are in high demand.

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