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Are you wondering to know about the list of Australian Visas 2019 Categories?

List of Australian Visas 2019

Here are various types of visas for immigrants who wish to move to Australia. These visa categories include-:

If you are struggling to get an Australian visa, you talk to our visa consultant in Brisbane, so that he can guide you properly, which visa type is beneficial for in order to move Australia.

Work Visa

This visa type includes two options such as-:

Temporary Residence with work rights-:

This visa type allows you to live in Australia for 4 years and you can also work there for 4 years. In addition to this, you need to work sponsorship from an Australian employer.

Working Holiday Visa maker-:

If you are visiting Australia for recreational purposes and also want to work part-time in Australia, in order to pay your expenses. Then you can apply under this visa options.

Temporary Visa

There is another visa option for immigrants who wish to enter Australia on a temporary basis. This visa type is beneficial for those who have skilled employment. This visa allows you to participate in social and cultural events as well. However, you cannot change your employer without permission.

Visitor Visas

This visa is also known as a tourist visa and this is beneficial for those who wish to travel to Australia to explore new places and want to meet their children or relatives as well. In addition to this, this is a short-term visa that allows you to stay for 3 or 6 months in Australia.

Business visa

This visa type is specially designed for those who want to participate in business events. Furthermore, this is also beneficial for those who want to meet their business partner in Australia. This visa type also includes-:

  • Conducting a conference

  • Negotiations

  • Site inspection

  • And exploratory visits

You can stay there for 3 months or you can extend the life of your visa for up to 5 months.

Student visa

These days, a student visa is on the peak and well-known among school-going students. In addition to this, this is specially designed for those who wish to continue their higher studies in Australia. If you want to get this visa, you need to fulfill all the requirements such as IELTS, PTE Training, character and health conditions, and so on.

This visa allows you to work for 20 hours per week so that you can pay your expenses while residing in Australia.

Permanent residence Visa

This visa allows you to stay permanently in Australia and you can also work or study there for an unlimited period of time. For this visa class, you need to fulfill several requirements such as IELTS, age, health and character conditions, etc. This visa type is based on the point system, that is determined with the help of below-listed factors-:

  • English Language ability

  • Financial Resources

  • Business

  • Age

  • Family

  • Work Experience

  • Health

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