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Latest Update 2019: Australian Subclass 485 temporary graduate visa application

We know that Australia is a popular immigration destination for many people, especially Indians. We aim to supply information about the various immigration subclasses through our regular posts. Migration laws related to Australia have been a source of information for all our posts. We are engaged in this endeavor to provide the guidelines related to the immigration laws so that people have no confusion regarding it. We source all our information based on the tips provided by Migration Agents in Brisbane. There are various subclasses which can provide the channel for migration. However, it is necessary to recognize which stream is best suited for you.

These 2 visas are granted to people who want to work and study in Australia. It specifically caters to people who hold a degree in Australian education. The basic eligibility criteria include age less than 50 years and proficiency in English which can be proved by the results of the English ability test. Of course, you must hold the qualification specified by the department. This category is not under the point test system. A holder of this visa can include his spouse or de facto partner in the application. He can also include his dependent children in the application. Family members are allowed to join the 485 visa holders in Australia.

Basic Eligibility for Subclass 485 visa

You are eligible for the visa if

  • You are under 50 years
  • You hold an eligible visa
  • You hold a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course

Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485): Graduate Workstream

This visa is granted to international students who have recently completed their studies with skills and qualifications which hold special relevance to Australian needs. It grants you permission to live, study and work in Australia temporarily. With this visa, you can –

  • work in Australia
  • Have a qualification relevant to the skilled occupation list
  • bring your family to stay with you
  • stay up to 18 months


The cost will be approx AUD1,650

Processing Time

The processing time will take 4-5 months

Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485): Post-study workstream

This visa applies to international students who have recently completed their studies with a degree from an Australian institution. It grants you permission to live, work and study in Australia, again temporarily. With this visa, you can –

  • work in Australia
  • bring your family with you

For securing this visa, you need a recent degree in a course registered with CRICOS.


You can stay for a period ranging between 2 to 4 years, depending on your qualifications.


The cost for the Subclass  485 temporary graduate visa application (Post-Study Workstream) is Approx AUD1, 650

Processing Time

The applications take 42-44 days for processing.

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