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Do I Need To Hire Migration Agent Or Immigration Lawyer While Applying For An Australian Visa?

Education Embassy Brisbane: Well, these days, several people are struggling to migrate to Australia, but they are unable to get a visa. This only happens due to a lack of sufficient knowledge and information too. So, to migrating Australia, you have to get help from migration agents in Brisbane, because they have a great deal of knowledge about everything.

What is the Difference Between an Immigration Lawyer and a Migration Agent

Migration agents, who are registered with the MARA stands for Migration Agents Registration Authority can help you in several works. These include:

  • They give you suggestions and advice on visa requirements.

  • They also help you with lodging visa applications after gathering all the necessary documents.

  • They also deal with the Department of Home Affairs on the applicant’s behalf.

You may not know that Migration agents have done a 1-year certification course or diploma in Australian Migration Law from the reputed institute.

However, several immigration lawyers also perform similar works as migration agents. In addition to this, if they want to become an agent, then they need to register with MARA.

There are some key points that will clear you the difference between agents and immigration lawyers too.

Key PointsMigration AgentsImmigration Lawyers
Migration agents did 1 year certification course or diploma in Australian Migration Law.
They Completed a law degree and Practical Legal Training from a reputed Institute in Australia.
RegistrationThey are Registered with MARA, which is a Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia.Registered with the Legal Admissions Board, They also need to register with MARA as well as Law Society.
Administrative Appeals TribunalThey have the ability to help an applicant with visa applications and if you want to review the decision by Administrative Appeals Tribunal.They can also help their clients with visa applications and merits review in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
Other courtsMigration agents cannot help you, if you want to appeal to Australian courtsOnly Immigration lawyers can help you if you want to appeal to the the High Court of Australia, Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCCA), and the Federal Court of Australia (FCA).

What are the reasons to use the migration agent or immigration lawyer?

There are several reasons why you need to go with migration agents or immigration lawyers. These are:

  • They are cost-effective and offer you a mind-blowing service too.

  • They will help you get a visa easily within time as well as avoid lengthy delays.

  • They have a specialization in lodging a visa application.

So, you have to choose accordingly or as per your requirements too.

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