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EOI (expression of interest)

EOI process for Australian immigration: Willing to work in Australia? We bet you must be. Before you think of revving yourself up for the opportunity, we would like to give you an advice or two.
First, working abroad is a dream for everyone. However, you must prepare yourself well for this opportunity.
Second, either improve your writing skills or invest in a good writer as you will be required to give an expression of interest while applying for a job abroad. All Australian work visas require Expression of Interest. However, you must be careful that you should not submit Expression of Interest till you have assessed your eligibility. You should know whether you qualify to work for Austalia. Eoi process for Australian immigration is the first step in applying for a work permit in Australia.


EOI (expression of interest)


What Is Expression Of Interest?

It is a statement regarding your interest in working in Australia. In other words, it is a statement mentioning your willingness and interest in applying for a skilled migrant visa which will allow you to work in Australia.


How Is It Submitted?

It is an online process and it can be submitted through a system called skill select.


What does it comprise of?

Expression of Interest is a statement about your skills. It comprises of a list of questions which are to be answered by you. Through the answers, the department will ascertain whether you qualify or can meet the requirement for certain visas. EOI is a document which will be accessible to all the prospective employers, state and government agencies related to the skill you want employment in. The Information submitted in the EOI must include:

  • Personal information like name, surname, date of birth, country of origin, and present countries of residence/citizenship
  • The nominated occupation in which you seek employment
  • Your current work experience and employment history
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language.
  • Information related to a state or territory nomination. It indicates whether you are ready to live and work in regional Australia


Which Supporting Documents Do I Need to Submit?

You are not required to submit any supporting documents with the Expression of Interest for Australian immigration. It means that whatever information you are providing will be taken at face value. This feature makes it all the more necessary to carry out your assessment before submitting EOI.


What if I have to change the information after submission?

The document will be accessible to you even after submission. In case you want to change anything, you can update the information. You can even suspend the EOI if your circumstances have changed.

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