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Business Visa Australia (2019)

Australian Migration Agents for Business and investor visas: If you are a businessman and want to try your hand in business in Australia, you have many options. Australia offers state nominated visa options for people who want to invest there.


State Nominated Visas Business Innovation and Investment –Provisional –Subclass 188

It is a provisional residence visa for people who want to do business like owners and investors. It offers the pathway to PR if you intend to stay permanently in Australia. You can apply under four streams-
Business Innovation: It is for people who want to establish a new business or are willing to relocate their already running business.
Business Investment: This option is for those investors who are willing to invest minimum AUD 1,500,000 (for four years).
Significant Investor: This option includes people who are willing to invest $5 million for four years.
Entrepreneur : It includes people who are headed for commercialization of a product or service. It also includes people who want to develop a business in Australia. It requires an agreement of minimum AUD200 000 from a third party


Business Innovation and Investment – Permanent – subclass 888

It is the Permanent Residency stage of the provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa.
The application can be done after fulfilling the requirements for Business Innovation and Investment visa. It offers future options like residency return or citizenship.

Eligibility:-You must Have a provisional innovator visa (nominated by South Australia) Meet the innovator stream criteria specified by the Department of Home Affairs 888 Have a residence and business located in South Australia for a minimum period of two years before filing for 888 nomination application Be able to prove the benefit your business will have for the state given your age, location and the type of business.

Business Talent –subclass132

It is a permanent residence visa which does not require a provisional visa. This program offers two streams. It pertains to high calibre businessmen who have a successful track record and want to conduct business in Australia. You can apply under two streams-

  • Significant Business History: It is for high-level businessmen who want to invest in a significant business venture.
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneurs: It pertains to people who have obtained at minimum AUD$1 million Australian venture capital firm in an agreement.
Business Owner –Subclass 892

It offers permanent residence visa (subclass 892) to businessmen who have

1. Business Owner provisional subclass 163 visa
2. Senior executive provisional subclass 164 visa
3. Investor provisional subclass 165 visa

Business Investor –Subclass 893

It enables you to conduct business on a permanent basis in South Australia to. It applies to investors who already hold state nominated 165 visas. It has the same validity and future options as Business Talent –subclass132

Investor Retirement Renewal –Subclass 405

It offers a temporary visa for people who want to retire in South Australia. The people can avail this visa fir a period of four years.
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