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What is Business Talent Visa subclass 132 and explain about certain changes in General Guidelines?

Business Talent Visa subclass 132 Consultants in Brisbane: Several people are struggling to grow their business in Australia from overseas. But they are unable to do this because they do not have proper knowledge about anything related to a business visa. They even don’t know whether there is any type of business visa available or not. For this you can get help from migration agents in Brisbane, they will surely tell you what to do and there is a business visa available or not.

What is Business Talent Visa subclass 132?

This subclass 132 is a type of Business Talent visa in Australia, which is designed for entrepreneurs or business persons. People who wish to start their new business in Australia are eligible to apply for this visa. This visa class has two streams such as-:

Significant Business History stream-: This stream is beneficial for those who have a great ability to establish a new business visa in Australia. Or for part-owners as well

Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream-: This is valuable for those who have sourced venture capital from one of the members of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited or AVCAL.

Benefits of Business Talent Visa

There are several benefits of this visa class include-:

  • This subclass enables you to stay in Australia for an unlimited time period.

  • You can live and establish your business anywhere in Australia.

  • You will be able to avail of all types of benefits from the Australian government include Medicare, social, and security as well.

  • You will be eligible to apply for citizenship.

  • You can also sponsor your relatives to live with you in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Talent visa.

If you want to apply under this category, then you need to understand the eligibility criteria of this Business visa. The eligibility criteria includes-:

  • First of all, you have to show that you have sufficient funds to open a new business.

  • You have to prove that you have a nomination from State or territory.

  • You get an invitation letter from skill select to apply.

  • You do not have any type of criminal record as well as good health.

Changes in General Guidelines of Business Talent Visa subclass 132.

Property Development business activity-: In the old times, you had to invest almost $1.5 million in business and the creation of two new jobs was necessary. However, these days you have to invest $2.5 million in business and only one new job creation is necessary.

All other business activity-: This is completely opposite to first change, in which you have to invest $1 million in business, but the creation of two new jobs is necessary.

To get this visa, you have to fulfill these requirements.

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