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Free Assessment

For all visa services, we provide an initial evaluation free of charge. It is absolutely free for everyone. You may seek guidance either online or by calling.

Effective job & Versatility

Our service should take into consideration the specific situation in the most versatile possible manner. Our migration services aim to rely on your needs.

Multilingual staff members

We have a team of specialized, experienced, trained, and Multilingual staff members. So, no matter where you come from we are here to assist you.

About Migration Agents in Brisbane

Migration Consultant Brisbane: If “Study, Live or Work” in Australia is your dream, then Education Embassy’s Migration Lawyers in Brisbane will help you launch your dreams.

Education Embassy is young and friendly company with award-winning Immigration Lawyers Brisbane and most importantly we are one of you! We came to Australia with dreams not too far long ago and today we are living our dreams. We have walked the journey, and this helps us relate to and understand your situation. We speak your language and you can talk to us in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali or Korean.

Our ethos is to provide the highest standard of ethical, customer-focused advice, care, and assistance. Our aim is to offer you with a service that is safe, efficient, cost-effective and customized to your needs. Our Registered Immigration Agents team is focused on getting you to your goal, be it as a Student, an Investor, an Employee, a Visitor, a Skilled Pro or a Business.  We are registered migration agents in Brisbane. We can assist you in getting the Australian Visas for both onshore and offshore applications. Our registered immigration agents in Brisbane will provide you with the best advice and guidance regarding all your queries for visa applications.


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Make It What Our Clients Say

Why Choose Education Embassy

Take our online assessment and find out if you have what it takes, and our team of migration experts are there to make the match.

Benefits of applying through a Registered Migrating Company
  • Sound knowledge of Migration laws
  • Works ethically, honestly in the best interests of the clients
  • Follows rules & regulations (Code of conduct)
  • 12 years of rich experience in overseas education & immigration
  • Reasonable charges – No hidden costs
  • 100% satisfied clients
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For more information about the migration process get in touch with our team of migration agents and they will tell you what you need to do.

Everything you need to know about General Skilled Migration in Australia

If you are looking to apply for the visa then make sure to get in touch with the skilled and experienced team of migration agents in Brisbane.

Do you have permanent residency in Australia and want to apply for Australian Citizenship?

There will be specific requests on Australian citizen’s legal partners calling for Australian citizenship and on Australian citizens children who are raised abroad.

frequently asked questions

Do I need an immigration lawyer?

It’s not necessary but you may get completely lost without it. Although you don’t need an immigration lawyer to apply for an Australian visa, there are several benefits of engaging one of our immigration and migration experts. With a total 140 visa subclasses, selecting the correct category can be a tedious task. The agents will be able to guide you about which category to choose. They will also be able to help you with other complex decisions like checking your eligibility, interacting with the government on your behalf and helping you in completing legal formalities.

Can I get my visa renewed?

No, if you are already living in Australia and your visa has a No Further stay condition attached to it, then you will be required to leave Australia. If there is no such condition in your visa, you can b submit a new application to the Department of Immigration. However it will not be a renewal of your visa, it would qualify as a new application that will require the eligibility checks and legal requirements all over again. It is recommended that you seek legal advice from an immigration consultant if your current visa is nearing expiry.

How can I fix an appointment?

You can approach the consultants through the website, phone or email. The immigration lawyer will carry out an in-depth analysis of your eligibility and your chances of getting the visa. You can clear all your doubts in the session, which will be kept confidential by the lawyer. The session between you and the immigration lawyer will last usually for 40 minutes -1 hour

What chances do I have if my application has already been refused?

If you have had the misfortune of having your visa refused in the past due to some problems, you can apply for an application review. You will be required to submit evidence in support of your application . You will need the help of the Our immigration lawyer to compile the evidence, brighten your chances of success, and negotiate with the authorities on your behalf. if the tribunal is satisfied, you may be granted the visa. In case the attempt is unsuccessful, the Tribune will reinforce the Department’s decision to refuse the visa.

If I intend to engage an immigration lawyer what are the steps?

If you intend to engage the services of an immigration lawyer, you will primarily need to come for an appointment to discuss your case. Once the immigration lawyer goes through the case, he will confirm that he is handling your case will be formally representing you. The immigration consultants and lawyers will take the case under their responsibility. You will be able to access them on any aspect related to the immigration process.

Can I avail of the services even when I am not in Australia?

Yes, it is possible to avail of the services of the immigration lawyer even if you are not in Australia. various immigration lawyers are available and accessible in all parts of the world. Liasioning overseas is not a big deal for them.

How much time will it take for me to go to Australia?

Well, it depends on the type of migration visa you applied for. The strength of your application also counts The way the application is presented and submitted to the department is something in which the processing time depends majorly on. With the services of a professional and experienced agent, you will have a high chance of reduced processing time. The agent can estimate the period after conducting a personal assessment.

Does the visa have provision for kids?

If your children are dependent on you, they will be included on your visa. However, Married or Independent children will not be included under your visa.

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